Say hello to tmrw :)

Bitcoin is better with friends

Ever had friends who talk about buying bitcoin but never take the plunge? It’s always “too hard” or “I don’t know when to buy.” We get it. Most of our friends felt the same way.

That’s why we created tmrw, the first social bitcoin app designed just for you and your friends.

With support from Maple VC, we’ve raised a $1.3M pre-seed round to build tmrw's MVP and launch it to our friends and family.

Onboarding onto bitcoin shouldn't be a solo experience. With the tmrw bitcoin feed, your friends can see how you use bitcoin every day. They’ll know when you buy, when you help your friends stack sats, and how easy it is to pay back in in btc—no complicated wallets, invoices or delays. Just snap and send, like any other social post.

Welcome to tmrw. Bitcoin made better with friends.  🥳

Made for bitcoiners and their friends

Leveraging the Lightning Network on Bitcoin, you get seamless and fast transactions every time for the easiest transactions yet. The secure connection keeps your bitcoin safe, even when your friend group is sending sats non-stop.

Ultra-fast transactions, coming soon with USD

Delivering on the fastest network, you can send money to your friends and family across the room or across the world. Whether it’s bitcoin or USD, you can send both from your same account. It's free to send between tmrw members, and we are compatible with universal money addresses to send USD to your family anywhere, instantly.


* Scroll through your new Bitcoin timeline to see when your friends send, request, or buy bitcoin.
* Send sats lightning-fast with a tmrw username.
* Send money to friends or family abroad without any fees—they can cash out anytime.
* Receive and hold in USD (coming soon!).
* Compatible with any Lightning wallet—just use your new tmrw lightning address to receive.

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Learn about what we believe and where we’re going.